Searching for Romanian Master Fiddler Dorel Cordoban.....

Dorel Cordoban is one of the best Romanian traditional fiddlers and makers of the Viora cu Goarna (based on the Stroh Violin). We recently had the great pleasure of visting him and his wife Florica at their home in the village of Lazuri de Rosia, Romania. Finding Dorel , however, can be a challenge. In fact, we hate to admit it, but it took us three days of getting lost and backtracking before we found him. So I promised Dorel that when I returned to Canada, I would provide detailed instructions to aid anyone wishing to visit him. Dorel lives in the small village of Lazuri de Rosia about 15 km northeast of the western Romanian town of Beius in the region of Bihor. There are, unfortunately, several towns named "Lazuri" in this region of Romania. So I recommend you follow these directions carefully and avoid our mistakes.

This is Beius
These instructions are for those driving and assume you are entering the town of Beius from the south on E79 coming from the direction of Deva. As you enter the center of town, look for the following blue sign on the right.

Turn right after this sign
Continue to follow this small country road towards Rosia. A few km BEFORE you get to Rosia, you will see the small rusty sign pictured below. Turn right on a little road (going across a little bridge at one point) for 3 km until you reach the village of Lazuri.

Turn right here
Once you reach the truly lovely village of Lazuri, ask anyone where Dorel lives. In the unlikely event there is no one driving by in an ox cart when you arrive, you can find Dorel's bright yellow home up a little rocky road to the left from the center of town. He lives across from the village church which is located up this road (below) on the left on a little hill.

Up this road at nearly the top on the right is Dorel's bright yellow house.

This is Dorel's house viewed from up the road. Knock on the blue/green gate.

After you get back home with your new Vioara cu Goarna.....

After you get home following your visit to Dorel and Florica, please come back here and post your story about this visit. We would love to read about other's Adventures in Bihor!
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